The growing recognition of James Rivière has led to the creation of an official archive in which most creations are listed, codified and organised. The archive has been named the A.S.R. (Archivio Storico Rivière). The A.S.R. includes many pictures, drawings, sculptures, jewels and other creations, each of which is representative of James Rivière style and work during the last 50 years.The A.S.R. can provide Museums, Foundations, Auction Houses and other Institutions with proper documentation regarding James Rivière works, certificates of authenticity and even donations.

All possessors of uniqe pieces and rare are invited to make an appointment in the atelier at via Bigli 24.
In this occasion will be taken a picture of the jewel, filled in a descriptive file card and will be issued a certificate of affiliation to the A.S.R.
All the procedure will be free for all the costumers.
Moreover is possible to request certificates and detailed assessment for all the jewels created by James Rivière.

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